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The Art of Mastering (or Avoiding) Procrastination

Does procrastination affect you? Would you like to be its master, instead? Continue reading

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A Writing Career Path: Finding the Joy

I found joy as a writer, but I almost gave it up. Writing is so much about the journey. Continue reading

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Author Envy?

Have you ever read a line in a novel that stopped you because the sentence was so wonderful? Continue reading

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Cover Adventures: Creating Covers

Not all covers are created the same. Nor do all authors travel the same journey in the creation of those covers. Continue reading

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My Word for the Year

I determined I needed to spend more time writing and less time on writing-related tasks. Continue reading

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Writing Through the Holidays

Writing for over 50 years, during most of those years, I was writing on the holidays. Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why I Love NaNoWriMo

I can edit for 50 hours instead of writing 50,000 new words. One hour of editing is the equivalent of writing 1,000 words. Continue reading

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October’s Glory

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group The question for this month is: What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre? Because I have a number of favorite genres, that question becomes long in answering. Instead, I’m choosing to … Continue reading

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Why You Want to Be Passionate About Your Writing: (and 9 suggestions on how to find that passion)

I remember feeling lost when I began writing, especially when writing fiction. Continue reading

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Writing to Market or Writing From the Heart

Writing to market is okay, but writing from the heart is the best because I’m fully engaged and interested as much as the readers will be once I publish the book. Continue reading

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