Into the Core

My journey into the core wasn’t a bright or sudden awakening. My journey began in ignorance, not understanding the small voice from within that spoke to me.

Today, I call myself a mystic, an intuitive, a medium, a psychic.

Yes, I have seen and prophesied events before they happened.

Yes, I communicate with those who have passed.

Yes, I can find lost objects, even objects lost by others.

And more… So much more.

I share my experiences on my Into the Core blog because it is my belief we all have various skills, but in today’s noisy world, we’ve lost our way.

I started the blog with the desire to compile these experiences into a how-to book, showing how you, too, can get in touch with your inner core, which can make a tremendous difference in your life, because everything we need–absolutely everything–can be found from within.

What do you think? Would you be interested in such a book?