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Pssst – Wanna Learn the Secret to Writing Every Day?

I’m in a lot of online writer forums where I see the same repeated question coming from new writers. How do I find the motivation to write every day? My answer is: Use Jerry Seinfeld’s “productivity secret,” where his goal … Continue reading

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Writing Highs and Lows

Like any job, writing comes with its own highs and lows. See what this writer’s highs and lows have been. Continue reading

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An introduction

Asked to write an introduction to a Facebook writer’s group recently, Not wanting to write the usual intro composed of achievement, instead, I wrote… She steps out from the center of the crowd, several dozen individuals all clamoring for individual … Continue reading

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The Secret of Writing: Why You Want At Least Four Drafts

Even though I’d been writing for nearly thirty years and writing various drafts, it wasn’t until I returned to school, learning how to teach college composition that I discovered the different drafts each had a name and a purpose. Once … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Why Writing Is Like Christmas

Writing a book, like Christmas, is a major event. Continue reading

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Characters dictate their language, their behavior. And, I let them. Continue reading

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Six Paths of Writer Success

How does a writer measure her success? Dr, Diana Stout states that for her there are six. Continue reading

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The Writer’s Journey Recommendation

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group August 4 question – What is your favorite writing craft book? And why? The Writer’s Journey Recommendation Ever since its publication in 1992 when I bought the book, my recommendation is and always has been … Continue reading

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Going Wide…Maybe

I’m so stupid sometimes… Continue reading

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Teaching again…

Squeeeeeee! I’m going to be teaching again! The class is Time Management for Writers; and actually, the class is applicable for anyone who struggles with managing their time. The principles and science are the same for everyone, regardless of their … Continue reading

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