A Writing Dream

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July 1 question – There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

A Writing Dream

Ideally, I would love to be able to think of a scene and that scene getting typed up grammatically correct and formatted perfectly just by my thinking it. Diction would be okay if I didn’t have to insert period, comma, new paragraph, and so forth.

Given all that, I don’t see it happening…

When I first started writing, I would read about various writing retreats – homes that had been turned into a permanent writer’s retreat, where a writer could come for a week, two weeks, or a month at a time and just write.

Ernest Hemingway had his own retreat in Key West. Something like that could work. Or, a castle in England, Wales, or Ireland; yes, that could work, too.

In my mind’s eye, though, I see a big rambling Victorian-like house with a large wrap-around porch, with someone cooking the meals, someone else cleaning the rooms, gardener, and general maintenance person. And best of all, a setting that I’d never get tired of. Mountains in the background, a lake, large river, or even an ocean in the foreground, with the house up on a bluff out of rising waters’ way.

All I’d have to do is mentor, teach, and write.

Yup, if I ever become successful enough where I’m able to have my own private retreat and a writer’s retreat where I could teach and pay forward everything I’ve ever learned and bring in other writers to teach…that would be ideal. The last thing on my bucket list.

Of course, you did notice that my literary success has to come first, right?

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9 Responses to A Writing Dream

  1. nancygideon says:

    I’d be the first to book a reservation. I am SO missing the chance to gather with other writers these past few months . . . and unfortunately the next few, as well. Other writers are out creative batteries!

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  2. Nick Wilford says:

    That’s a pretty grand dream – they say it’s good to aim high! I don’t know if I would bother with the staff. The isolation is suiting me at the moment. A retreat with other writers for a weekend would be lovely, though. It’s something I’ve never done.

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    • Diana Stout says:

      Nick, I’ve done quite a few of the weekend retreats and they are the best! Of course, now with the COVID-19, they’ve all been canceled and of everything I’ve not been able to do, those are the meetings I miss the most.


  3. ChrysFey says:

    Yes! When I was little and first started writing a book, I always said I wished I could plug a cord into my head and just print out my book as I imagined it.

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  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    I’d love a permanent writing retreat! I also would like a sprawling Victorian house, preferably overlooking the beach, or at least a beautiful river like the Danube or Mississippi.

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  5. I second all your (fictional) industry changes in this post! I’d love for my “head writing” to effortlessly – and exactly – turn into “real writing” automatically. And, if you ever establish that retreat, I’d love to move in and stay for a looooong while!!! Sign me up, please.

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  6. Maybe someday you will make it happen!
    Funny, a device that could transfer a story to the page perfectly from one’s brain was a few others’ picks this week.

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