Behind the Scenes

Writing anything is not easy, whether the writing is a book, paper, article, short story, poem, dissertation, play, or screenplay. I should know. I have spent a lifetime at a desk punching the keyboard.

This blog conveys the thoughts, musing, revelations and even some of the no-so-well-known secrets of one writer’s progress as I journey from the spark of an idea, to the promise of publication or production.

Basically, these conclusions are based on my experiences and observations. As I’ve talked with writers from around the world, from all genres, from all media, I’ve come to the conclusion that no two writers’ journeys are alike.

I’ll share the details, as much as I’m able, with honesty and openness. As my students learned, I don’t sugar-coat the process, and I never left them without help.

Writing is hard. Being successful takes practice. But, at the same time, writing is highly rewarding, and I’m more than willing to share what I know. I have no idea how long it’s going to take but I’m writing a series of how-to writing books.

Therefore, this is my journey. Welcome!

Should you be so interested, my other website and blogs are:

  • Sharpened Pencils Productions – my main website, where my projects are located, along with classes and services that I offer.
  • What’s New! – this is a blog on the above website that serves as an announcement page.  You can see details here.
  • Only for the Brave – this blog talks about my writing adventures as connected to the writing itself.   The successes and frustrations told in the Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry style.
  • Into the Core – here is where I share my dealings with paranormal events and other intuitive experiences.
  • Behind the Scenes with Diana Stout & Features Guests – a blog of interviewed folks connecting to the field of writing whether for screen, stage, or page.



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