Behind the Scenes

Writing anything is not easy, whether the writing is a paper, an article, short story, poem, or book.

This blog conveys the thoughts, musing, revelations and even some of the no-so-well-known secrets of one writer’s progress as I journey from the spark of an idea, through the writing, and the promise of publication or production.  Basically, this is my life as a writer and the experiences and observations because I’m a writer.  You may be surprised to find life as a writer isn’t what you think.

Should you be so interested, my other website and blogs are:

  • Sharpened Pencils Productions – my main website, where my projects are located, along with classes and services that I offer.
  • What’s New! – this is a blog on the above website that serves as an announcement page.  You can see details there.
  • Only for the Brave – this blog talks about my writing adventures as connected to the writing itself.   The successes and frustrations, told in the Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry style.
  • Into the Core – here is where I share my dealings with paranormal events and other intuitive experiences.

I welcome your comments and your questions.  You can leave them here below, to which I’ll respond or you can contact me privately at


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