Diana Stout, MFA, Ph.D. is a screenwriter, author, who loves to teach others about writing.  Her students would often tell her that “She smiles when she talks about writing.”

An award-winning writer in multiple genres and various media, you can view her portfolio on her website, Sharpened Pencils Productions LLC.

Officially, her writing career began with a weekly newspaper column that ran for five years,  where she wrote about motherhood, marriage, and life in general through the Marshall Evening Chronicle.  After some experience of selling short stories and articles to magazines, she turned to writing romance books with success, then screenplays where she was working with half a dozen different producers who loved her writing and wanted to see everything and anything she wrote.

A major life change had her returning to school where she earned her Associate degree, Bachelor degree, and then a Master of Fine Arts degree in drama, allowing her to teach college writing, English courses. She felt she now had the best of both worlds–her day job matched her writing passion.

Eventually, she would earn her Ph.D. in English Education. When she left the academic profession, she was an Associate Professor at Davenport University.

She returned to her creative writing roots with her company’s first publication, an epic fantasy, Grendel’s Mother.  Its genesis and development can be found in this blog.

Along the way, she discovered she had various intuitive abilities.  She shares those experiences and discovery of them in her blog, Into the Core: One Woman’s Mystic Journey.

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5 Responses to About

  1. efmeyette says:

    I was a beta reader for Grendel’s Mother and I loved it. I know I’m reading a good story when I can’t stop thinking about it after I’ve put it down and can’t wait to get back to it. Wishing you all best with the publication off Grendel’s Mother!


  2. Lanette Kauten says:

    Beautiful language, and you have a wonderful grasp of micro tension.


  3. Vina says:

    This is way more helpful than annithyg else I’ve looked at.


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